Rainforest Ecotourism
Rainforest Ecotourism

Rainforest Ecotourism

With tropical vegetation practically identical to that of the famous rainforest of Puerto Rico, “El Yunque”,  CASA DEL MUNDO and CASA KADAM  offer an isolated alternative to the popular hotspots by providing the “Green Traveler” with their own guest house nestled within the rainforest.

Far from the bustle of sight-seers and tourists, the guests of CASA DEL MUNDO and CASA KADAM, whether biologists, bird-watchers, hikers, conservationists, environmentalists, artists or professionals, can take refuge in this remote region to enjoy rainforest  life and spectacular variety of birds that nest in FINCA GUARAGUAO whose western edge borders the National Forest Reserve, “EL BOSQUE NACIONAL DE GUILARTE”.

Many of the trails that approach the river are naturally lined with multicolored wild impatiens flowers.  As you descend down the winding path, passing under giant ferns, butterflies playfully encircle your footsteps.  Giant centipedes, maroon colored with bright yellow legs, will scurry out of your way.  You may encounter a large river heron  with a long metalic-turqouise colored neck and yellow claws perched on a “campana” (bell, datura)  flower in full bloom draped over the river.  

Due to the extensive environmentally friendly water and composting toilet systems Papo has integrated into the property, guests can feel assured that their presence in this pure valley will have no negative impact on the land or water systems.  In fact, guests contribute to RAINFOREST ECO-TOURISM, thereby helping to protect this delicate ecosystem.

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