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Casa Kadam

Hammock on the porch of Casa del Mundo

From Costa Rica to Ecuador
Sunday, 13 May 2012 07:32

In the darkness and turbulence of the stormy night, I ventured out, jogging 3 miles along the main road to the home of wealthy, gringo business owner, leaving Papo writhing in pain inside the flooded tent with his bleeding foot. The neighbor had created a business of saran-wrapped coconuts that were partially perforated to make it easy to open up whole, coconuts, called "Coco Loco". He had hired a young English woman who was traveling around Central America with her Spanish friend and whom had struck up a friendship on the beach a few weeks prior to the rusty nail incident to do secretarial work for him.

Awakening and alarming them all with my sudden appearance in the storm, the gringo generously jumped in his pick-up to fetch and deliver Papo to the emergency ward for a shot of tetanus vaccine......

Except for the laughter Izzy enjoyed as she listened to Papo talking, she was not happy about having 2 new roommates in her tiny one-room hut. The place was filthy, with dirt and mold and lots of junk piled high on shelves above the crude kitchen area. I thought I could help out by surprising Izzy and doing a massive clean-out of the hut. So I toiled for hours on end, precariously balancing on a broken chair to remove all the junky items, caked with mold and grit from the shelves, and cleaning everything immaculately. I joyfully awaited Izzy's return from school that day, and to my dismay, she resented all the work I had done. I had disrupted the environment that she was comfortable in; to her it was an intrusion, an uninvited action on my part.

Papo's and I were increasingly aware that neither Monteverde nor Puerto Limon, Costa Rica were panning out to be the places where we would sink our roots to create a land cooperative. We had received word that Sarah, Fausto and Fidel had completed their journey from Costa Rica to Ecuador and were enjoying the magic of the high Andes, living in the tiny village of "La Esperannza".Ecuador. We yearned to see the Andes, and since Fausto's family and roots were there we thought that Ecuador might very well be the place for us. With the $500 wedding gift we had received from Papo's dad for our wedding, we were able to purchase one-way tickets from San Jose to Quito, and off we flew to the high Andes of Ecuador...........


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